Basic KVM management scripts
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kvmman overview
Jamie Iles <>

kvmman is a simple application to manager KVM instances.  libvirt is great but
is difficult to use for development/testing as there is no nice way to easily
boot a different kernel or change the configuration.  Running kvm/qemu on the
command line is fine too but it's difficult to keep track of the machines and
magic incantation to run them.

Adding Machines

Machines are described in a YAML configuration file in ~/.kvmman as a file
called NAME.kvm where NAME needs to be a unique machine name.  Each file
describes only a single machine.  For example:

rootfs: ~/vms/fedora.img
mem: 2048
smp: 2
graphics: -sdl -vga vmware
serial: pty

describes a machine called "fedora" with 2G RAM, 2 processors running with SDL
graphics and using a PTY for the serial.  The kernel is in the disk image.

Online help is available by running kvmman on it's own though it is a little