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A factory CFC to provide a facade for server-scoped instance(s) of JavaLoader. The JavaLoader docs advise that instances be stored in the server scope. This factory abstracts this initialization work.

API Overview


The init() method accepts two optional arguments: lockTimeout and serverKey. The lockTimeout argument specifies the lock timeout for creating a JavaLoader instance (with getJavaLoader()); the default is 60 (seconds). The serverKey argument allows you to explicitly name the server scope key that will hold the JavaLoader instance created/retrieved by getJavaLoader(). It is recommended that you not specify serverKey, because JavaLoaderFactory will automatically choose a sensible key that is unique to the JavaLoader init() arguments (see below).


getJavaLoader() is the factory method used to create your JavaLoader instance. If you call getJavaLoader() more than once with the same arguments (or with serverKey set), it will always return the same JavaLoader instance, from the server scope (though this should never happen if you're using ColdSpring or another bean factory--see example below).

The first six arguments (all optional) match JavaLoader's init() arguments:

  1. loadPaths (array)
  2. loadColdFusionClassPath (boolean)
  3. parentClassLoader (string)
  4. sourceDirectories (array)
  5. compileDirectory (string)
  6. trustedSource (boolean)

The last getJavaLoader() argument, loadRelativePaths, is an optional array. Each array item should be a path relative to the Web root, which will be expanded with expandPath() and appended to the loadPaths argument. This argument simply allows passing relative paths for JavaLoader's init() argument of loadPaths. You can pass any combination of loadPaths and loadRelativePaths arguments (either, neither or both).


Example ColdSpring bean factory configuration (assumes JavaLoaderFactory.cfc in Web root and /opencsv is a CFML mapping or in Web root):

<bean id="javaLoaderFactory" class="JavaLoaderFactory.JavaLoaderFactory" />

<bean id="javaLoader" factory-bean="javaLoaderFactory" factory-method="getJavaLoader">
    <constructor-arg name="loadPaths">
    <constructor-arg name="loadRelativePaths">

Example usage (assumes above ColdSpring bean factory has been initialized and is accessible via getBeanFactory()):

javaLoader = getBeanFactory().getBean( 'javaLoader' );

csvReader = javaLoader.create( '' );
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