A web app to log the results from speedtest-cli
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A web app to log the results from speedtest-cli.

Example Speedtest Graph

The excellent speedtest.net is a website to test internet bandwidth. The GitHub project speedtest-cli by Matt Martz is a python-based commandline interface that replicates the flash-based speedtest website. One of the options in speedtest-cli is the option --share which posts the test results to the speedtest.net webserver in order to generate an image that can be shared.

Minor changes to speedtest_cli.py can allow these results to be posted to a different location. This project allows the capture of those speedtest results, and display them in an easy to read manner so that problems with bandwidth at different times of day can be identified. Cron or Task Scheduler can be used to schedule the script to run at regular intervals.

The project is written in ASP.Net MVC, and uses Dapper as a Micro ORM. The default code assumes MS SQL as a back-end, but a single line change can use any of the database engines supported by Dapper, including MySQL.

##Current Version The current version is an improvement to the initial release (single page, all results), and loads the data using ajax with controls to choose a time range, and the option to exclude ping data from that chart.

##VNext Version 3.0 will will tidy up the Google Chart options, and expand date ranges with date pickers.

##Changes to speedtest_cli.py

Grab speedtest-cli and then [speedtest_cli.py] (https://github.com/sivel/speedtest-cli/blob/master/speedtest_cli.py).

The section to edit is at the very end, around line 750:

# Build the request to send results back to speedtest.net
        # We use a list instead of a dict because the API expects parameters
        # in a certain order
        apiData = [
            'download=%s' % dlspeedk,
            'ping=%s' % ping,
            'upload=%s' % ulspeedk,
            'startmode=%s' % 'pingselect',
            'recommendedserverid=%s' % best['id'],
            'accuracy=%s' % 1,
            'serverid=%s' % best['id'],
            'hash=%s' % md5(('%s-%s-%s-%s' %
                             (ping, ulspeedk, dlspeedk, 'myPasswordHere'))

        headers = {'Referer': 'http://c.speedtest.net/flash/speedtest.swf'}
        request = build_request('http://server/speedtest-logger/log',

The key changes are

(ping, ulspeedk, dlspeedk, '297aae72 myPasswordHere'))


request = build_request('://www.speedtest.net/api/api.php http://server/speedtest-logger/log',

##Structure The project is in two parts: speedtest-logger which is the MVC web page and API, and speedtest-common which is the database logic.

  • / - Main web page. Loads data using ajax (see below).
  • /log - URL where the speedtest-cli data is posted to
  • /json - Google Chart datatable json
    • /json/days/x - get data for x days
    • /json/hours/x - get data for x hours
    • /json/range/x/y - get data between range of two dates x and y
    • /json/all - get all data
  • /table - html table partial view
    • /table/days/x - get data for x days
    • /table/hours/x - get data for x hours
    • /table/range/x/y - get data between range of two dates x and y
    • /table/all - get all data

##Example https://jamie.laundon.org/speedtest-logger/