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This is a port of Rui Ueyama's MiniLisp to the Tandy Color Computer 3. It will run on any Tandy Color Computer 3 with at least 128KB of RAM. If you prefer emulation, MAME 0.191 or later is required to run it.

Special thanks to Pierre Sarrazin and team MAME for finding and fixing bugs in MAME that were blocking this release.

Version 0.5.0 adds support for 32-bit integers. Compiling it requires CMOC 0.1.42 later which is available here: http://perso.b2b2c.ca/~sarrazip/dev/cmoc.html

There are a few example programs on the disk image including drwho, fact, fib, life and nqueens.

To run MiniLisp, insert the disk into the computer and type:

RUN "*"

Example session. Press the BREAK key where the text says

;;; Add some numbers
(+ 10 20) <BREAK>

;;; Factorial example
(load 'fact) <BREAK>
(fact 5) <BREAK>

;;; Fibonacci example
(load 'fib) <BREAK>
(fib 5) <BREAK>

;;; Lambda example
(load 'drwho) <BREAK>
(capaldi 'phrase) <BREAK>
(tom-baker 'phrase) <BREAK>
(define u (make-drwho-universe)) <BREAK>
((u 'current) 'phrase) <BREAK>
(u 'regenerate) <BREAK>
((u 'current) 'phrase) <BREAK>

;;; N-Queens example
(load 'nqueens) <BREAK>

;;; Life example
;;; NB: Infinite recursion requires a reset
(load 'life) <BREAK>