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* bash
* eject
* Optional: udisks2
bashmount should work on all distributions with a recent version of lsblk.
1. As root, copy "bashmount" to "/usr/bin" or any other location in $PATH:
install -m755 bashmount /usr/bin/bashmount
2. Backup any existing configuration files.
3. As root, copy "bashmount.conf" to "/etc/bashmount.conf" for global
install -m644 bashmount.conf /etc/bashmount.conf
4. Optionally, copy "bashmount.conf" to "$HOME/.config/bashmount/config"
for per-user configuration:
mkdir -p $HOME/.config/bashmount/
install -m644 bashmount.conf $HOME/.config/bashmount/config
5. Optionally, copy "bashmount.1" to "/usr/share/man/man1":
gzip -9 bashmount.1
install -m644 bashmount.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/bashmount.1.gz
6. Make life a bit easier by setting an alias in "$HOME/.bashrc":
alias bm='bashmount'