A ColdFusion Word Jumble Game
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Word Jumble

A word jumble game. The premise of the game is to transform one word into another by replacing a single letter in the starting word to form a new word and repeating until you match the last word.

So, let’s say we have the word baked, which we want to transform into the word water. We do this by changing one letter in the word baked and forming a new word, repeating the single-letter replacement until we have the word water.

  • baked <- start
  • bated
  • batea
  • bater
  • water <- end

The rules are:

  • You are only given a starting word and ending word
  • Change only one letter to form a new word
  • The new word must be a real word (in some dictionary)
  • The same word cannot appear twice
  • Each word must be the same length

Other info

Written in March of 2010 for a presentation on Regular Expressions, shown here:

With associated slides:

See these links for more information: