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{-# OPTIONS -Wall -fwarn-tabs -fno-warn-type-defaults -fno-warn-orphans -fno-warn-unused-do-bind #-}
--Advanced Programming, final project
--by Jamie Ly <jamiely>, Nicholas McAvoy <mcavoyna>
module Main (main) where
import System.IO
import PoemClassifier(classify)
import Data.List
import Data.Char(toUpper, isAlpha)
main :: IO ()
main = do
-- Read the poem in from STDIN
inh <- openFile "extra/cmudict.0.7a" ReadMode
putStrLn "Opened file"
poem <- getContents
loadDictionary poem inh (map (filter isAlpha) (wordList poem)) ""
-- | Splits the string into unique, upper-cased words
wordList :: String -> [String]
wordList str = map (map toUpper) $ sort $ nub $ concatMap words (lines str)
-- | Given a dictionary filename, and list of words, excerpts of the dictionary
-- will be returned corresponding to the list of words
loadDictionary :: String -> Handle -> [String] -> String -> IO ()
loadDictionary poem inh wrds excerpt = do
ineof <- hIsEOF inh
if ineof || null wrds
then runClassifier poem excerpt
else do
line <- hGetLine inh
if null (prefixes line)
then loadDictionary poem inh wrds excerpt
else loadDictionary poem inh (delete (prefix line) wrds)
(excerpt ++ ('\n':line)) where
prefixes l = filter (\word -> isPrefixOf word l) wrds
prefix l = head $ prefixes l
-- | Classifies a poem using the passed dictionary string
runClassifier :: String -> String -> IO ()
runClassifier poem dict = do
-- echo the poem and its type
putStrLn $ "Poem: \n" ++ poem
putStrLn $ "Dictionary: \n" ++ dict
putStrLn $ "Type: " ++ classify poem dict
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