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Based on D3's choropleth example.

An End to the 'Golden Years': Increasing Longevity Changes the Work-leisure Equation

  • Rising retirement ages
    • US - Employee Benefit Research Institute has retirement figures
    • France
    • Japan
  • Life expectancy going up
  • Increase in age when people can receive social welfare?
    • US, 65->70
  • proportion of working men aged 65 and over (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS))

Data Sources

Does For-profit Education Make the Grade?

  • 80% of job openings require degrees?
  • 30% of americans are graduating from 4-yr univ
  • Record levels of student debt and defaults (can we get this info somewhere?)
  • (Should we include information about rising tuition costs?)
  • (Can we get information on jobs numbers in education? Spending/growth, in terms of sector?)
  • Total college populations? 15 to 22M
  • Tuition cost v payback rate