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A Fully Featured Markdown Editor for Linux

Remarkable is an open source Markdown Editor for Linux. You can download the latest version from the project site. It is also available on the AUR.

Remarkable Remarkable Syntax Highlighting


Remarkable has many features including:

  • Live Preview with Synchronized Scrolling
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • GitHub Flavored Markdown Support
  • HTML and PDF Export
  • MathJax Support
  • Styles
  • Custom CSS Support
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Check out the homepage for more details and screenshots.


Feel free to report any bugs or make suggestions here

Donations/Tips ☕️ 🍺 😄

If you like Remarkable and wish to support futher development you can make a donation using the links below or else from here


PayPay Remarkable


Bitcoin Remarkable

Address: 17BTowSjuartEEgeta3RuHYxeJW1aeXxCv