Remarkable FAQ

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Why doesn't "Night Mode" work?

Availability of night mode is dependent on which Gtk theme you are using. For example, Linux Mint and Ubuntu's default themes do not support dark mode. Gnome's does. Numix is the Gtk theme used in the screenshots and it has a dark mode.

What's next?

Current priority: improve/redo styles & find and replace & popout preview.

Later: Remarkable will probably require a full rewrite for the next major version, the current code is messy and not maintainable for adding new features. Many features are planned: tabs, file browser, find/replace, popout preview, etc. The structure of the program will change. Some of the current code is bad. Will redo style system.

Is there a snap package

I will create snap package in the future.

Sometimes relative paths for images don't work when exporting PDF files. Seems to be platform dependent. Better to be safe and use full paths

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