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Play 2.0.x javascript serving to iOS bug?

This is a test page for what I believe is a bug in play 2x.

The problem:

When serving javascripts to iOS, somehow the scripts get corrupted ramdomly, with headers appearing part-way through scripts. Of course this causes parse errors and the scripts don't work.

With more than 5 largish scripts like jQuery, backbone, underscore etc, this happens on every page load. With just a few scripts it doesn't happen at all.

Tested on:

  • play 2.0.1
  • play 2.0.4 (current version this project is configured for)

Reproducing on the command-line:

  • Run the server with play run

  • Make a pipelined request for three files:

        echo -e "GET /assets/javascripts/1.js HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n GET /assets/javascripts/2.js HTTP/1.1\r\n\r\n GET /assets/javascripts/3.js HTTP/1.1\r\n" | nc localhost 9000
  • You should see files return out of order, or one file interrupting another.

Reproducing on iOS

  • Run this app on a desktop machine

  • Using a real iPad or iPhone, enable mobile safari's debug console in Settings > Safari > Advanced page. I also reproduced the problem in iOS simulator.

  • Visit this the app on the iPad using mobile safari.

  • You should see a javascript error alerted. If not, try clearing cache and reloading until you do.

  • Clear the mobile device's cache manually in Settings > Safari

  • Visit the page again. Note that the number of errors changes and the line numbers are different each time.

Debugging on iOS

  • If you install the firebug lite bookmarklet on your mobile device, you can browse to the script file / line number of the parse error and you'll see that somehow the HTTP headers and (and sometimes body) of a different javascript file have been dumped part-way thgough it:

        foo = 17;
        HTTP/1.1 200 OK
        Content-Length: 7218
        Content-Type: application/javascript
        Cache-control: no-cache
        foo = 17;

Relevant bugs:

Common denominators:

  • In my tests with real javascript files what's actually happening is that script streams are being mixed up. Halfway through one script, another will be dumped, including its headers.

  • The liklihood of this happening is tied to the number of scripts requests, or probably actually the amount of data in scripts requested. When the scripts contain a few lines then it doesn't happen until you have aroudn 20 scripts being requested. With larger scripts, (like jquery, backbone etc) it happens with as few as 7.

  • this only seems to happen with play. If I serve the same page and same scripts through node.js to the same mobile devices, it doesn't happen.

  • this doesn't seem to affect desktop browsers or the new chrome iOS browser.

  • if I set up a small node.js proxy, and tell my iPad to use it as an HTTP proxy, then for some reason when visiting this play app, the problem goes away.

  • It reliably breaks on my iPad 3 and usually breaks on iPhone 4.

Is play somehow corrupting the streams in a subtle way that every other browser (and a node proxy) don't mind but Mobile Safari does?