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Lunch Money Wealthsimple Bridge

A python script to sync balances from Wealthsimple Invest, Trade, and Cash accounts to Lunch Money.

How it works

This script uses the Unofficial Wealthsimple API's to fetch balances and then pushes those balances to the corresponding asset in Lunch Money. The script periodically refreshes the access tokens to Wealthsimple so that a OTP code does not need to be entered each time (only once at the start).



  1. Modify (unix) or run.bat (windows) with your account details.
Field Required Notes
LUNCH_MONEY_API_KEY ✔️ Obtained from Lunch Money Developer Settings.
WS_USERNAME ✔️ Email associated with Wealthsimple accounts.
WS_PASSWORD ✔️ Password associated with Wealthsimple accounts.
ASSET_LINKS ✔️ List of mappings from Wealthsimple accounts to Lunch Money assets. Each entry is of the form: <wealthsimple_account_id>,<is_wealthsimple_trade_account>,<lunch_money_asset_id>. Entries are separated by spaces.
REFRESH_INTERVAL_SECS Default of 25 minutes How often to sync balances. Recommended to be at least 30 minutes or the access tokens may expire.
RETRY_LOGIN_TIMES Default of 3 How many times to retry logging in if the login fails.


A correctly setup for a Wealthsimple Trade(ws-trade-1), a Wealthsimple Invest(ws-invest-1), and a WealthsimpleCash(ws-cash-1) accounts mapping to Lunch Money assets with IDs lm-1, lm-2, and lm-3 respectfully.


export LUNCH_MONEY_API_KEY="1234567890abcdefg"
export WS_USERNAME=""
export WS_PASSWORD="mysecurepassword"
export ASSET_LINKS="ws-trade-1,True,lm-1 ws-invest-1,False,lm-2 ws-cash-1,False,lm-3"
python $1
  1. In your terminal, execute ./ <otp> where <otp> is the one time passcode obtained from your authenticator app.


The unofficial APIs at times are flaky and don't always provide balance details. Detailed logs of the script's actions are outputted into the logs directory. If there is a persistent issue, feel free to open an issue on Github with a redacted log file (or submit a PR fixing it!), and I'll be happy to take a look!


A python script to sync balances from Wealthsimple Invest, Trade, and Cash accounts to Lunch Money.