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Complimenting code to blog on Umbraco Ditto v0.9.0 Processors
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Blog Demo: Ditto v0.9.0 Processors

Complementing code to getting started blog article on Umbraco Ditto v0.9.0 Processors


This demo code was built against .net 4.5.2 on Visual Studio 2015 with a preinstalled Umbraco v7.4.3 instance with a local .sdf database which a document type & demplate setup already for ease of use.

Fork/Download the code locally and build the solution to restore the missing nuget packages.

Backoffice access

Password: password

Steps covered:

  1. Using standard processors
  2. Chaining standard processors
  3. Creating a custom processor
  4. Creating a custom processor context for use with a custom processor


This demo is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.

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