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+# MojoBlog
+MojoBlog is a formerly commercial MojoMotor blogging add-on. It's the number one MojoMotor add-on and has been hugely popular and (dare I say it) instrumental in helping MojoMotor adoption. MojoBlog is a small, lightweight and simple blogging platform that sticks to the MojoMotor principles of simplicity and ease-of-use.
+After much deliberation, I decided to retire my add-ons at [Sparkplugs]( I'm open sourcing MojoBlog under the MIT license for the community so that it can remain future-version compatibile and hopefully it will develop and grow into a bigger and better add-on.
+## Synopsis
+ {mojo:blog:entries page="about|home" limit="10" status="published" orderby="date" sort="desc" date_format="Y-m-d" paginate="yes" per_page="5" pagination_segment="p"}
+ {entries}
+ <h1>{title}</h1>
+ <p>{content}</p>
+ {/entries}
+ {pagination}{first_page_url} {prev_page_url} - Page {current_page} of {total_pages} - {next_page_url} {last_page_url}{/pagination}
+ {/mojo:blog:entries}
+## Installation
+Installing MojoBlog is just like any other MojoMotor addon. Simply drag the blog/ folder found in your download into the _system/mojomotor/third_party/_ folder. Ensure that your *config/config.php* and *config/routes.php* files are set to have **0777** permissions. Then, point your web browser to **** and MojoBlog will install itself.
+## Usage
+Complete usage documentation is available in the repo. I want to convert it all over to Markdown and chuck in this repo's wiki.
+## Changelog
+**Version 2.2.0**
+* Adding the category="" parameter
+* Updates to documentation
+* Status parameter now defaults to published
+* Removal of hard-coded table names
+* Entries are now listed in date-descending order
+**Version 2.1.1**
+* Fixed a CSS issue with MM1.1.1
+* Fixed an error with different language browsers
+**Version 2.1.0**
+* Adding the {excerpt} variable
+* Fixing an error with file URLs
+**Version 2.0.0**
+* Added a new MojoBar interface
+* Added a polished install and update interface
+* Added entry statuses
+* Added categories
+* Added entry URL titles
+* Added a tag for Disqus integration
+* Added an {if single_entry_page} conditional
+* Thoroughly cleaned up the code
+* Fixed many bugs
+**Version 1.1.3**
+* Moved the install procedure into a separate method callable from the URL
+* Removed the entry_id_segment parameter and added the entry_id_qs parameter to get round MM1.1
+* Moved pagination over to using querystrings
+* Fixed an error with page restrictions
+**Version 1.1.2**
+* Added attempted compatibility for MM1.1
+**Version 1.1.1**
+* Fixed an error with multi-line regexes and made all the tags case insensitive
+* Fixed MM1.1 compatibility
+* Added an {excerpt} variable
+**Version 1.1.0**
+* Added Outfielder support
+* Added Pagination
+* Added an {author} tag
+* entry_id, no_posts_404 and entry_id_segment parameters (single entry pages)
+* Fixed a language file bug
+* Fixed a bug with apostrophes
+* Fixed MojoMotor save button error
+* Added a title="" parameter
+**Version 1.0.0**
+* First Release

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