Sublime Text 3 package for the Adapt Framework
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Sublime Text 3 Package

Updated for Adapt Version 2

Adaptionary is a Sublime Text 3 package for working with the the Adapt Learning Framework. The package is a collection of snippets for working with Adapt components. Once installed (easiest method is using package control) you can simply type any of the commands such as adapt-text and hitting TAB. You can also start typing the command and cycle through a list of available commands.


The easiest way to install Adaptionary is with Package Control which once installed can be brought up with the command pallette (CTRL+SHIFT+P for Windows or CMD+SHIFT+P for Mac OS).

Type and select Package Control: Install Package from the menu and start searching for Adaptionary. Adaptionary should show in the list, and when selected, Package Control will install the package automatically. That's it!

To recap, that's two simple steps for installing with Package Control:

  • Package Control: Install Package -> Adaptionary

Updates will automatically install if you've installed the extension by this method

You can alternatively simply drop the .sublime_package file from releases in to your Sublime %APPDATA% folder.


The following are the current available commands for Adaptionary:

  • Accordion, adapt-accordion
  • GMCQ, adapt-gmcq
  • Graphic, adapt-graphic
  • Hotgraphic, adapt-hotgraphic
  • Matching, adapt-matching
  • MCQ (Multiple choice question), adapt-mcq
  • Media, adapt-media
  • Narrative, adapt-narrative-item
  • Slider, adapt-slider
  • Text, adapt-text
  • Textinput, adapt-textinput-item

You can now also add parent elements, such as contentObjects, articles, and blocks:

  • Content Object, adapt-contentObject
  • Article, adapt-article
  • Article with assessment, adapt-article-assessment
  • Block, adapt-block
  • Block with trickle, adapt-block-trickle


alt text

Simple dropdown snippets

alt text

Easy component generation, TAB through entities

alt text

Sublime search guesses snippet titles


Please feel free to fork and contribute snippets to this small package. New snippets are welcome, please add them to the Source folder. Please do not compile a .sublime-package.


This repository is released as open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license