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gfind classic

This repository hosts the code of the short lived original version of gfind. This project was primarily a learning project for myself and out of it came an understanding of a few major design principles in web. The code (while I'm sure not pretty by any stretch) is available for anyone wanting to see an older version of a really fun project.

I'm working on the new gfind as we speak, building it with Laravel 4. The repository will be available at http://github.com/jamieshepherd/gfind when it's finished. Thanks for checking this out!


"gfind hosts information on a ton of games, and is growing every day. We're aiming for the biggest game database ever, and you can get involed to make this a reality. Add a game that you don't see listed here, or edit a game page that already exists. If you're a developer, you can also help us out, we're open source on github."