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You need to register the CsQueryMVC View Engine as follows. Add this to Application_Start()
in Global.asax.cs
ViewEngines.Engines.Add(new CsQueryViewEngine());
To create a controller that can use CsQuery, just inherit CsQueryController:
public class HomeController: CsQueryController
public ActionResult Index() {
Alternatively you can implement `ICsQueryController` in any existing controller; this interface
requires a single new property exist on the controller:
public CQ Doc {get;}
Within a controller that implements `ICsQueryController`, the following optional methods have
special functionality:
public void Cq_Start()
public void Cq_{ActionName}()
public void Cq_End()
Cq_Start() and Cq_End() are run before and after any action-specific methods, regardless of the
action invoked. A method with the same name as a specific action runs inbetween, e.g. Cq_Index()
runs for the Index action.
When these methods run, the `Doc` object will be populated with the HTML rendered from the action,
which you may manipulate before it is output to the client.
This code would put a 1 pixel red border around every div for the Index action, and removes all
hidden divs regardless of the action.
public class HomeController : CsQueryController
public ActionResult Index()
ViewBag.Message = "Welcome to ASP.NET MVC!";
return View();
// Method is called after Index() returns its results with
// the Doc property populated by the HTML before it's rendered
public void Cq_Index() {
Doc.Find("div").Css("border", "1px solid red;");
public void Cq_End() {
// remove any invisible divs. They won't be needed.