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ImageMapster binds to HTML image maps, adding UI features to turn them into useful menus or selection tools.

Go to the project home page to see online demos and for complete documentation


  • Overview -- Quick start with sample usage
  • Options -- Detailed description of options and methods

With very little code you can:

  • add mouseover highlighting
  • click to select or deselect areas on the map
  • apply options to the entire map, or by individual area
  • automatically group areas that should be logically bound together
  • bind the list to any external list, and update it when area selection state changes with a class or HTML attribute
  • callback allows you to dynamically build an associated list from the sorted unique elements of the image map
  • simple hover tooltips from a user-supplied template (e.g. a div)

Please let me know if you have any problems or need help!