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dubtron IRC bot for the #fatlab channel (Ruby)
Ruby Shell
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  __      _     _      _    
 / _|__ _| |_  | |__ _| |__ 
|  _/ _` |  _| | / _` | '_ \
|_| \__,_|\__| |_\__,_|_.__/
A helpful bot for the F.A.T. IRC channel
made using the Isaac library 
-~-> irc://

=== Commands ===

!echo <your text here>
Repeat something. See if bot works.

Spout an automeme from

Print the latest H1N1 stats from Rhiza Labs FluTracker, (scary)

Gives you a random taco using a broken /me

Random Kanye West quote via

!twitter <msg>
Post msg to a shared twitter account (require permission)

!search_twitter <keywords>
Print the latest twitter results for a given search (can be noisy)

!topic <msg>
Set the channel topic to msg, no ops required (requires permission)

Prints the 3 last-mentioned URLs (stored in memory)

=== Wishlist ===

- !seen <nick> -- for when someone last joined
- infobot-style question/answer storage (channel FAQ)
- multi-user Twitter configuration

=== Authors ===

* Jamie Wilkinson <>
* Sam Lehman <>
* Lian <>

Source code released under an MIT license

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