DEPRECATED – Beautify how Chrome displays JSON - port of the Firefox extension. NOT JSONView in the Chrome store
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JSONView for Chrome

Formats & syntax highlights JSON viewed inside of the web browser! Yay

PLEASE NOTE: this codebase is currently unmaintained, and is unrelated to the JSONView extension available in the Chrome store – that said, many people seem to be using it to great success, and pull requests or a new maintainer are always welcome.

A Chrome port of Ben Hollis’ JSONView extension for Firefox:

You too can enjoy JSON as it was intended:

Ghetto JSON type detection

Chrome doesn’t currently support exposing mimetypes to extensions:

In lieu we’re only matching URIs containing “.json” — rather than running regexes on every pageload.

If you don’t mind the performance impact and want to try and parse everything, this is a simple change in manifest.json

“matches”: [ “http:///.json*”, “file:////.json*” ]
“matches”: [ “http:///”, “file:////” ]


MIT Licensed