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πŸ™ GitHub contribution streak & stat tracking menu bar app
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Streaker Icon


πŸ™ GitHub contribution streak & stat tracking menu bar app

GitHub Downloads Current Release Version MIT License Prettier Code Style


Download the latest version of Streaker from the GitHub releases page. (currently macOS & Windows only)


  • Current streak, best streak, current contributions, best contributions & total contributions stats
  • Launch at login
  • Notification when you haven't contributed today


Menu Bar

Menu Bar Screenshot

Preferences Window

Preferences Screenshot

Menu Bar Icons

Streaker's menu bar icon changes depending on your current daily contribution status:

Status Description
Done You've contributed today
Todo You haven't contributed today
Loading Your contribution data is being requested from GitHub
Failed Your contribution data request failed


  • streaker-cli - πŸ™ GitHub contribution streak & stat tracking CLI app
  • contribution - πŸ—“ GitHub contribution streak & stat fetcher with zero dependencies


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details.

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