Manage your gift giving for holidays, birthdays, and everything in-between
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Build Status

Manage Gifts

Step away from the spreadsheet and manage your gift giving like a boss.

Planned Features

  • Chrome Extension to add gifts while browsing online
  • Dashboard stats/metrics
  • Gift recommendations
  • Gift list drag/drop custom ordering
  • Search functionality
  • Add a personal text or note to gifts
  • Responsive design for mobile
  • Export gift list to PDF



All features are developed on feature/... branches. A feature branch will submit a pull request into the development branch.


Approved feature branches are merged into development and the development branch is tested.

At deployment time, development is merged into master and a tag is assigned. This tag is named with semantic versioning and becomes the latest release.

Bugs after release

Any bugs/regressions found after the release are dealt with using a hotfix/... branch. A hotfix branch will be tested and merged in the same way as standard release branches.


A WIP development documentation system is available in the docs folder. Generated by documentation.js.

To run an update of the documentation page:

documentation build client/** -f html -o docs