A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap
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Phantom for Jekyll

A minimalist, responsive portfolio theme for Jekyll with Bootstrap.


See it in action.

Fancy using it for your own site?

Here are some steps to get you started:

  1. Clone this repo and cd into the directory:

    git clone https://github.com/jamigibbs/phantom.git your-dir-name cd your-dir-name

  2. Run Jekyll:

    jekyll serve --watch

    Don't have Jekyll yet? Get `er installed then!

  3. Visit in your browser at:

Launching with Github Pages 🚀

Jekyll + Github pages is a marriage made in heaven. You can use your own custom domain name or use the default Github url (ie. http://username.github.io/repository) and not bother messing around with DNS settings.

Theme Features


To activate a navigation bar in the header, set the global nav variable to true in:


Then add your navigation items in the /_data/nav.yml file. For example:

    - { url: '/', text: 'Home' }
    - { url: '/about', text: 'About' }

Contact Form

You can display a contact form within the modal window template. This template is already setup to use the Formspree email system. You'll just want to add your email address to the form in /_includes/contact-modal.html.

Place the modal window template in any place you'd like the user to click for the contact form. The template will display a link to click for the contact form modal window:

{% include contact.html %}
{% include contact-modal.html %}

Animation Effects

Animations with CSS classes are baked into the theme. To animate a section or element, simply add the animation classes:

<div id="about-me" class="wow fadeIn">
  I'm the coolest!

For a complete list of animations, see the animation list.


By default, pagination on the home page will activate after 10 posts. You can change this within _config.yml. You can add the pagination to other layouts with:

  {% for post in paginator.posts %}
    {% include post-content.html %}
  {% endfor %}

  {% include pagination.html %}

Read more about the pagination plugin.