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import re
import random
re_wire = re.compile(r'X|[0-9]+[LR]')
def l(i):
return '%sL' % i
def r(i):
return '%sR' % i
def gate(l,r):
return ((l + 2*r) % 3, (2 + l*r) % 3)
def sublist(xs, ys):
for x,y in zip(xs,ys):
if x!=y:
return False
return True
class Circuit(object):
def __init__(self):
# wires is a dict of out_pin:in_pin
# rev_wires is a dict of in_pin:out_pin
self.wires = {}
self.rev_wires = {}
self.values = {}
def wire(self, out_pin, in_pin):
self.wires[out_pin] = in_pin
self.rev_wires[in_pin] = out_pin
def wire_gate(self, pos, out_pinL, out_pinR):
self.wire(l(pos), out_pinL)
self.wire(r(pos), out_pinR)
def __repr__(self):
gates = []
pos = 0
while l(pos) in self.wires and r(pos) in self.wires:
gate = '%s%s0#%s%s' % (
pos += 1
return '%s:\n%s:\n%s' % (self.wires['X'], ',\n'.join(gates), self.rev_wires['X'])
def from_string(string):
circuit = Circuit()
lines = string.splitlines()
circuit.wire('X', re_wire.match(lines[0]).group(0))
pos = 0
for line in lines[1:-1]:
wires = re_wire.findall(line)
circuit.wire(wires[0], l(pos))
circuit.wire(wires[1], r(pos))
circuit.wire(l(pos), wires[2])
circuit.wire(r(pos), wires[3])
pos += 1
circuit.wire(re_wire.match(lines[-1]).group(0), 'X')
return circuit
def input(self, trit):
self.values[self.wires['X']] = trit
def step(self):
pos = 0
while l(pos) in self.wires and r(pos) in self.wires:
inL = self.values.get(l(pos), 0)
inR = self.values.get(r(pos), 0)
outL, outR = gate(inL,inR)
self.values[self.wires[l(pos)]] = outL
self.values[self.wires[r(pos)]] = outR
pos += 1
return self.values['X']
def run(self, inputs):
self.values = {}
for i in inputs:
output = self.step()
yield output
def random(self, n):
out_pins = [l(pos) for pos in xrange(0,n)] + [r(pos) for pos in xrange(0,n)] + ['X']
in_pins = [l(pos) for pos in xrange(0,n)] + [r(pos) for pos in xrange(0,n)] + ['X']
for (in_pin, out_pin) in zip(in_pins, out_pins):
self.wire(in_pin, out_pin)
def add0(self, pos, in_pin):
self.wire_gate(pos, in_pin, l(pos+1))
self.wire_gate(pos+1, l(pos+2), r(pos+2))
self.wire_gate(pos+2, r(pos), r(pos+1))
return (pos+3, l(pos))
def add1(self, pos, in_pin):
self.wire_gate(pos, r(pos+2), r(pos+1))
self.wire_gate(pos+1, in_pin, l(pos+2))
self.wire_gate(pos+2, l(pos), r(pos))
return (pos+3, l(pos+1))
def add2(self, pos, in_pin):
self.wire_gate(pos, l(pos+1), r(pos+1))
self.wire_gate(pos+1, r(pos+2), r(pos))
self.wire_gate(pos+2, in_pin, l(pos))
return (pos+3, l(pos+2))
def gate0(self, pos, in_pin):
self.wire_gate(pos, in_pin, r(pos))
return (pos+1, l(pos))
def add_trit(self, pos, in_pin, trit):
if trit == 0:
return self.add0(pos, in_pin)
if trit == 1:
return self.add1(pos, in_pin)
if trit == 2:
return self.add2(pos, in_pin)
# def add_prefix(self, pos, in_pin, trits):
# fucking weird way to write this
def reverse(self, req_output, input):
print input
output = list(
if output == req_output:
return True
elif sublist(output, req_output):
for trit in [0,1,2]:
if self.reverse(req_output, input):
return True
return False
def prefix(trits):
circuit = Circuit()
pos = 0
in_pin = 'X'
for trit in trits:
pos, in_pin = circuit.add_trit(pos, in_pin, trit)
circuit.wire('X', in_pin)
return circuit
from post import *
import time
def spamFuel(fuel):
cars = car_list()
for car in cars:
print car
print postFuel("2416", fuel)
except Exception, e:
print e
key = [1,1,0,2,1,2,1,0,1,1,2,1,0,1,2,2,1]
minispam = [1,1,1,1,1]
maxispam = [2,2,2,2,0,0,0,1] + 7 * [1,1,1]
solutions = {
"2416" : [1,1,1,1,1]
if __name__ == '__main__':
fuel = minispam
print fuel
c = prefix(key + fuel)
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