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import httplib, urllib
import json
import datetime
import time
import random
from discodb import DiscoDB
import os
from disco.error import CommError
import db
import util
keys = json.load(open('keys'))
def fetch(doi, delay=0.3):
before = time.time()
# conn = httplib.HTTPConnection('')
conn = httplib.HTTPConnection('')
path = '/metadata/json?%s' % urllib.urlencode({'q':'doi:'+doi, 'api_key':keys['metadata']})
conn.request('GET', path)
response = conn.getresponse()
status = response.status
data =
after = time.time()
time.sleep(max(0, delay + before - after))
if status == 200:
meta = util.encode(json.loads(data)) # !!! metadata encoding?
if meta['records']:
return meta
# sometimes get an empty response rather than a 404
raise db.NotFound('fetch:empty', doi)
elif status == 404:
raise db.NotFound('fetch:404', doi)
raise CommError(data, '' + path, code=status)
# for testing
def fake(doi):
def string():
return random.choice('qwertyuiop')
def keyed(key, gen):
return {key: gen()}
def value(gen):
return {'value':gen(), 'count':'1'}
def some(gen, args):
return [gen(*args) for i in xrange(0,int(random.expovariate(0.5)))]
def date():
year = 2010
month = random.randint(10,12)
day = random.randint(1,28)
return '%04d-%02d-%02d' % (year, month, day)
return {
'identifier':'doi:%s' % doi,
'title': string(),
'publicationDate': date(),
'creators': some(keyed, ['creator', string]),
'publicationName': string(),
'issn': string(),
'values':some(value, [string])
# raises db.NotFound
def get(doi):
return db.get('metadata', doi)
def features(doi, meta):
if not meta['records'][0].has_key('doi'):
yield 'doi:%s' % doi
for key, value in meta['records'][0].items():
if (type(value) is str):
yield '%s:%s' % (key, value)
elif type(value) is list:
for subvalue in value:
yield '%s:%s' % (key, subvalue.values()[0])
for facet in meta['facets']:
key = facet['name']
for value in facet['values']:
value = value['value']
yield '%s:%s' % (key, value)
#raises db.NotFound
def publication_date(doi):
# raises db.NotFound
def publication(doi):
record = get(doi)['records'][0]
if record.has_key('isbn'):
return 'isbn:' + record['isbn']
elif record.has_key('issn'):
return 'issn:' + record['issn']
raise NotFound('publication', doi)
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