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import disco.core
from disco.worker.classic.func import chain_reader
from disco.util import kvgroup
from socket import gethostname
from gzip import GzipFile
import os.path
import datetime
import itertools
import warnings
import re
import json
def default_partition(key, partitions, params):
return hash(key) % partitions
class Job(disco.core.Job):
required_modules = [('util', ''), ('db', ''), ('metadata', ''), ('jobs', ''), ('query', ''), ('data', '')]
map_reader = staticmethod(chain_reader)
partition = staticmethod(default_partition)
partitions = 16
def is_error(key):
with warnings.catch_warnings(): # UnicodeWarning
return key in [u'error', 'error']
def map_with_errors(map):
def new_map((key, value), params):
if not is_error(key):
return map((key, value), params)
return iter([])
return new_map
def reduce_with_errors(reduce):
def new_reduce(iter, params):
iter = itertools.ifilter(lambda (key, value): not is_error(key), iter)
return reduce(iter, params)
return new_reduce
def print_errors(job):
print job.__class__.__name__
for key, value in disco.core.result_iterator(job.wait()):
if is_error(key):
print '\t', value
def encode(js):
"""Convert all unicode objects in a json structure to str<utf8> for disco interop"""
if type(js) is dict:
return dict([(encode(key), encode(value)) for key, value in js.items()])
elif type(js) is list:
return [encode(elem) for elem in js]
elif type(js) is unicode:
return js.encode('utf8')
return js
# !!! fragile
def result_size(url):
host = gethostname()
index = url.replace('dir://%s/disco' % host, '/usr/local/var/disco/data')
file = GzipFile(index)
blobs = [line.split()[1] for line in file.readlines()]
paths = [blob.replace('disco://%s/disco' % host, '/usr/local/var/disco/data') for blob in blobs]
return sum([os.path.getsize(path) for path in paths])
def date(string):
"""Date of a yyyy-mm-dd string"""
return[0:4]), int(string[5:7]), int(string[8:10]))
def date_range(start, end):
day = datetime.timedelta(days=1)
while start <= end:
yield start
start += day
def flatten(listOfLists):
return itertools.chain.from_iterable(listOfLists)
def filter_logs(doi_file, log_file, out_file):
dois = set(open(doi_file).read().split())
logs = open(log_file)
out = open(out_file, 'w')
pattern = re.compile('doi: "([^"]*)"')
for log in logs:
match =
if match and in dois:
class CsvToMeta(Job):
sort = True
def map(line, params):
doi, pubdate, isxn = line.rstrip('\n').split(',')
meta = {'facets': [],
'records': [{'doi': doi,
'publicationDate': pubdate,
'isxn': isxn}]}
yield doi, meta
except ValueError:
yield 'error', line
def reduce(iter, params):
for doi, metas in kvgroup(iter):
yield doi,