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  • Fix rounding error on ending balance for new statements [Cody Maggard]

  • Track limit on credit card accounts [Kieran Pilkington]

  • Change text on “save” button in event form to reflect edit vs. new [Kieran Pilkington]

  • Make “BucketWise” in header a link to the root path [Kieran Pilkington]

1.1.0 / 14 May 2009

  • Recall previously entered transactions for easy entry of similar events [Jamis Buck]

  • Hide bucket list if there are less than 2 buckets for an account [Jamis Buck]

  • Increase “recent buckets” window size to 10 (from 5) [Jamis Buck]

  • Actor name autocompletion in forms [Jamis Buck]

  • Don't save line-items if they are blank [Jamis Buck]

  • Allow bucket-reallocation line items to be removed [Jamis Buck]

  • Show bucket split option when editing single-line-item events [Jamis Buck]

  • Fixed bug that wouldn't let you have a negative starting balance for new accounts [Jamis Buck]

  • Fixed bug that included an implicit “aside” bucket in the total bucket count [Tony Eichelberger]

  • Simple budget reporting [Jamis Buck]

  • Fix bug in account deletion that would leave (e.g.) transfer line items in an inconsistent state [Jamis Buck]

  • Account reconciliation [Jamis Buck]

  • filter password from logs [Jordan Brough]

  • fix incorrect rails gem reference in config/environment.rb [Jamis Buck]

  • fix reference to ~/.bucketwise/Capfile so it only loads if the file exists [Jamis Buck]

1.0.0 / 20 Apr 2009

  • First release