internationalization/internationalisation #3

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not so much an issue to act on as notification of work in progress for anyone else who is interested...

both Simon Jefford and I have (independently) begun to work on internationalizing bucketwise (for en-UK and en-CA locales respectively)

our forks/branches reside at:



I worked on something on my own too, you can find it here :

I worked on fr-FR and already extracted all strings from views, but the new credit card maximum feature.
The next step will be to update the javascript to allow localization of alerts and calculation (numbers display/parse).


This is awesome! Will any of these be merged into main? At least getting globalize in would be neat and maybe letting the translations be separate?


Would be useful as the $ got annoying I hardcoded to R's for ZAR - but might be a PITA to merge from jamis tree into my tree.

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