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A random NPC generator for D&D 3rd edition, written in C. Includes CGI and console interfaces.

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This application is a generator, capable of randomly producing full-fledged
non-player characters (NPCs) for D&D, 3rd edition. It includes a CGI
front-end, a command-line front-end, and a windows front-end (though building
the windows front-end is left as an exercise for the reader).


This library was written well before I knew anything about autoconf and
friends. Thus, the makefile should be considered to be only a guideline, and
you're expected to actually MUCK WITH IT. Yes, I know. How deliciously

You should set the CFLAGS environment variable to the locations of the
following header files:

* dnd-templates (a library hosted at this site)
* dnd-writetem (a library hosted at this site)
* dnd-util (a library hosted at this site)
* qDecoder (

You should also set the LDFLAGS environment variable to the locations of the
library (*.a) files for each of the above as well.
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