A templating system written in C, with a stream wrapper system. (Deprecated, obsolete, etc!)
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This library includes two features: writetem, a C library for parsing and
processing text templates, and wtstream, a C library for providing a
destination-agnostic stream-writing wrapper.

The writetem system eventually fell out of favor, with the more powerful
"templates" library (available in this same site) becoming preferred.

Neither of these libraries is really recommended for general use. They are
only being made available so that interested parties may build older systems
that depend on these libraries (such as the Non-Player Character generator for
D&D, also available from this site).


This library was written well before I knew anything about autoconf and
friends. Thus, the makefile should be considered to be only a guideline, and
you're expected to actually MUCK WITH IT. Yes, I know. How deliciously