A (slightly enhanced) implementation of TextMate's cmd-T lookup functionality, in Ruby, for embedding in other projects
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FuzzyFileFinder is a (somewhat improved) implementation of TextMate's “cmd-T” functionality. It allows you to search for a file by specifying a pattern of characters that appear in that file's name. Unlike TextMate, FuzzyFileFinder also lets you match against the file's directory, so you can more easily scope your search.


  • Quickly search directory trees for files

  • Avoids accidentally scanning huge directories by implementing a ceiling (default 10,000 entries)

  • Simple highlighting of matches to discover how a pattern matched


In a nutshell:

require 'fuzzy_file_finder'

finder = FuzzyFileFinder.new

finder.search "app/blogcon" do |match|
  puts "[%5d] %s" % [match[:score] * 10000, match[:highlighted_path]]

matches = finder.find("app/blogcon").sort_by { |m| [-m[:score], m[:path] }
matches.each do |match|
  puts "[%5d] %s" % [match[:score] * 10000, match[:highlighted_path]]

See FuzzyFileFinder for more documentation, and links to further information.


All code, documentation, and related materials in this project are released into the PUBLIC DOMAIN. Usage, modification, and distribution are allowed without restriction.