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798d810 @jeremy Use bundler ~> 0.9.10
jeremy authored
1 .bundle
b0984a6 @mikel Removing Gemfile.lock so that people on different rubies don't get stuck
mikel authored
2 Gemfile.lock
90e4944 New Rakefile to launch cucumber, specs, tests, rdoc, rcov.
Nicolas Fouché authored
3 coverage
4a25d1e @mikel Adding version file as well as update to readme
mikel authored
4 gems
b094a2b @emk Allow bundler to automatically build a gem directly from git
emk authored
5 /mail-*.gem
b58aa09 @jeremy .DS_Store and mail.tmproj gitignores belong in ~/.gitconfig
jeremy authored
6 rdoc
0b143d6 @mikel Adding mail.tmproj
mikel authored
7 mail.tmproj
a5a0038 @mikel Updating .gitignore
mikel authored
8 spec/fixtures/emails/failed_emails/
572bfdb @mikel Updating gitignore
mikel authored
9 .rvmrc
671dfbd @mikel Adding RBC files to the ignore
mikel authored
10 *.rbc
56f8e11 @fasta added vim swapfiles to gitignore list
fasta authored
11 *.swp
fe45b76 reproduced error "undefined method domain for #<Treetop::Runtime::Syntax...
Karl authored
12 .idea
a188f93 added rescue block for badly formatted date
Karl authored
13 tmp
c320ff4 @srushti added to_yaml & from_yaml methods to message
srushti authored
14 tags
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