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Weekly Challenge #9: Bezier Curves


Bezier curves! I went with Swift (and Xcode) to produce a Mac OSX app that lets you play with Bezier curves of arbitrary degree. It could be a bit more polished, but for my first serious OSX app, I think it turned out okay.

You'll need Xcode to build it. Just open BezierDemo.xcodeproj in Xcode, and run it... Hopefully it builds without problem!

The supported functions are:

  1. Quadratic curves (three control points). The curve shown when the app starts, is quadratic.
  2. Cubic curves (and higher). Simply click the "add point" button in the tool bar to take the current curve and elevate its degree by one. You'll get the same curve, but with an extra control point.
  3. Rational curves. Shift-click and drag on a control point to increase or decrease its weight. The point will grow bigger or smaller to reflect the relative weight.
  4. Curve splitting with de Casteljau's algorithm. Select the curve you want to split, click on the point on the curve where you want it split, and then click the "split curve" button in the toolbar.

I successfully implemented normal mode (quadratic curves) for one point, as well as cubic curves (one point), rational curves (one point), and curve splitting (one point). I also implemented an interactive UI for playing with the curves (three points). Ultimately, I got seven points this week.


This code is provided as-is, with no guarantees or promises of support of any kind, implied or otherwise. You may use it however you wish, the sole exception that you may not claim authorship or any kind of financial control over the code.


Jamis Buck jamis@jamisbuck.org