A project generator for Apache Camel projects, mostly those in Jammazwan itself
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"Jammazwan" is Hindi for "camel keeper", and is explained in this blog.

a jammazwan? also a jammazwan TL;DR? about:
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jammazwan is a project generator for Camel. It built the jammazwan.100, and is used to build other example projects for me to study with.

It is a personal tool, and not currently targeted at public use. But anyone is welcome to use it.

Underlying Technology

All jammazwan projects are built from camel-velocity templates. Pretty easy stuff, as these things go.

If I wanted to use jamazwan.maker anyway...

Anyway? You mean even though it is not documented?

Start by searching for a couple public static void main( ...

There are two basic routines.

  • One runs the jammazwan.100 like random project constructs
  • One builds projects from the xyzprojects.json file.

Happy Camel Trails!