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Account Management Mobile - Level 3

Before you get started, please read this guide that walks you through how to submit your solution and get help.

Estimated time investment ⏳

Try not to spend more than 3 hours.

The challenge 🎯

Your task is to build a Mobile app that integrates with a predefined backend service. The backend service implements this API specification that defines a set of operations for creating and reading account transactions. You can use to visualize the spec.

App mockup 🧱


App specification πŸ“˜

  • There's a form with two input fields: Account ID and Amount. Whenever the form is submitted, a new transaction with the collected data should be created on the backend, and the corresponding input fields are cleared.
  • There's a list of the previously submitted transactions. Every newly submitted transaction should appear at the top of the list.

Our expectations πŸ”

  • Integrate with the provided REST API. Using the API spec, integrate with the provided backend service to fulfill the app specification.
  • Implement robust user input validation. The API has restrictions on the incoming data format (watch out for both the headers and the body). Make sure to perform the required checks before calling the backend.
  • Implement offline support. Cover the case that a transaction might fail to send due to the device being offline.
  • Modularize your code. Extract components that help you avoid duplication, but don't break things apart needlessly. We want to see that you can implement the UI with sound semantics.
  • Document your solution. Include the following information:
    1. How to run your app.
    2. The motivation for the offline support approach you implemented.

The provided boilerplate πŸ—‚

  • The backend service specification in the Open API format.
  • The backend service itself. To run locally:
    • Install the required dependencies using npm install (this command will download the necessary dependencies. Please give it some time to finish).
    • Spin up the service using npm run start:backend. It'll be available on http://localhost:8080/.

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