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Graph structure for Jamoma DSP objects to process audio

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Jamoma Audio Graph
Create dynamic networks of Jamoma DSP objects


The Jamoma Audio Graph layer is an open source wrapper for Jamoma DSP classes to create dynamic topographies of interacting audio objects.


- Dynamic Multichannel connections
- Dynamic datarate and vectorsize
- Dynamic signal chain (re)configuration
- 64 bit signal chain


Place the folder containing this ReadMe somewhere on your hard-drive. Then Make sure your compiler has access to it in order to compile the code.

Install Locations are as follows:
	Mac 	library is expected @		/usr/local/jamoma/lib/JamomaAudioGraph.dylib
		extensions are expected @	/Library/Application Support/Jamoma/Extensions/*.ttdylib
						~/Library/Application Support/Jamoma/Extensions/*.ttdylib

	Linux 	library	is expected @		/usr/lib/jamoma/runtime/
		extensions are expected @	/usr/lib/jamoma/extensions/*.ttso

	Windows	library is expected in the applications DLL path (JamomaAudioGraph.dll)
		extensions are expected @	\Program Files\Common\Jamoma\Extensions\*.ttdll

Jamoma Audio Graph is licensed as open source software under the terms of the "New BSD License",

Known Issues & Wish List
See the issue tracker at

Change Log
The change log can be found at
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