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Foundation classes for and framework for the Jamoma platform

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Jamoma Foundation
Reflective C++ API and Runtime

The Jamoma Foundation API and Runtime is an open source, cross-platform, C++ programming layer for creating dynamically-bound objects optimized for realtime processing contexts.  It the basis of commercial products such as TapTools, Jade, and Hipno, and is used by other open source projects such as Jamoma Modular.

- Rapid development
- Self-documenting and clear code-structure
- Attributes are range-checked and limited

Place the folder containing this ReadMe somewhere on your hard-drive. Then Make sure your compiler has access to it in order to compile the code.

Documentation / API
Doxygen generated documentation is located in the "documentation" folder.

Jamoma Foundation is licensed as open source software under the terms of the "New BSD License".

Known Issues & Wish List
See the issue tracker at

More Information
This project hosted is hosted at

Change Log
The change log can be found at
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