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Implementation of Jamoma for Cycling'74 Max:
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Jamoma implementation for Max.

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Set up

Here are the steps to clone and build JamomaMax :
(You need Cmake > 3.3 installed)

git clone --recursive
cd JamomaMax
./ --multi

There are additional options to the command, including :

List all available options and what they do.
Builds using all your cores.
Builds an universal binary for OS X. Warning: does not work well with brew; portmidi and gecode have to be built by hand
Creates projects for 64-bits on Windows.
Builds with optimizations enabled. More speed, but is not suitable for distribution on older computers or different processors.
Removes the build folder and the executables prior to building.
Install into /usr/local/jamoma
Create a ready-for-distribution package 
Remove /usr/local/jamoma
Don't run CMake (speed up following build)


To use in Max7 from the repository, create a symbolic link from the Jamoma folder (in this folder) into /Users/yourName/Documents/Max 7/Packages

You can do this in the Terminal :

cd ~/Documents/Max\ 7/Packages    
ln -s /[replaceWithThePathTo]/JamomaMax/Jamoma    

Now you can start Max 7 and the Max Console will print a message

Jamoma  v1.0-beta.1  |  build 8eb688d

Pre-built Packages

You will find nighlty builds of this code here for both OS X and Windows (32 and 64bit).

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