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Rhythasym WatchKit App
Rhythasym WatchKit Extension

Asymmetric Rhythm Tool

Image of Brian Sleeper Image of Jack Amoratis

Created by Brian Sleeper and Jack Amoratis on 5/17/14. An NSTimer, some sounds being played, some decimals being converted into fractions. That pretty much represents the functionality of this asymmetric rhythm tool. All you need to do is wire this code to a UITableView along with some buttons, a slider, and a few labels, and you will have your own working asymetric rhythm app. If you want to make use of this code, then feel free to fork it, or just cut and paste it into your project. Free code to the fullest extent possible. No warrantees at all. Use at own risk.

  • Jack Amoratis and Brian Sleeper


To the extent possible under law, we (Brian Sleeper and Jack Amoratis) have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this source code. This work is published from: United States. No warranty is expressed or implied, nor is any fitness for a particular purpose implied. Use at your own risk.

How it Came to Be

When Jack mentioned that he was thinking of making a metronome but was wondering how to justify bringing yet another metronome into the world, Brian Sleeper, a friend who was a music teacher, mentioned that some metronomes are variable. There is nothing new about this concept, but not many apps do it so it would be interesting. Brian offered some music theory about metronomes and Jack set about building a variable metronome app. There are already metronomes on the market with this same functionality so Jack looked at their interfaces and translated that into an app paradigm.

The Future

Version 2.0 is here! This project is complete in terms of being a minimal viable product. No frills, just a working metronome. Enjoy and contribute.