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This version (1.08) introduces some new features.

You can now make the app automatically switch on Theater Mode which should eliminate notifications occurring on the collector watch.

Another new feature allows for half as frequent scanning when the watch battery is low. So instead of every 5 minutes you can make it automatically switch to every 10 minutes when the battery is below 30% etc.

For anyone who doesn't know, this version of LibreAlarm has been designed expecting the following configuration:

  • Running in conjunction with xDrip+ which has a calibration algorithm for interpreting the raw data.
  • Collection interval of 5 minutes. This mimics other CGM devices and many of xDrip's functions work better when the same collection interval is used. This also is a good trade-off between responsiveness and battery life.
  • Ideally running with the watch rooted to give the app access to the extra power-saving features.

As usual I have only tested this "on the bench" and so I welcome live testing and feedback.