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A Unified Particle Physics Engine

A CUDA + OpenGL powered position-based physics engine.


This framework supports fluid, clothes and solid. This is possible due to unified particle physics [1]. The unified particle physics combines the position-based approaches from several papers:

  1. Position-based dynamics [4]
  2. Position-based fluids [5]
  3. Shape-matching [6]
  4. To make the shape-matching stable, the robust rotation extraction method [7] is implemented
  5. The surface tension method [2]
  6. Aerodynamics for clothes and flag[3]
  7. For efficient collision detection and density estimation, an efficient hash-based searching method [8] is used.

What this framework is capable of

unified particle physics


Sadly, There are some bugs to be killed. (In multi-phase fluid test, the denser fluid floats.) There are a lot of duplicated code to be removed. :(


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A position-based physics engine






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