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Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting

Jamorn Sriwasansak1, Adrien Gruson1,2, Toshiya Hachisuka1

1The University of Tokyo 2JFLI, CNRS, UMI 3527


This project contains the source code for the paper "Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting". Along with our technique, we also implemented

  1. Path-Tracing with MIS next-event estimation
  2. Instant Radiosity using Virtual Point Light [1]
  3. Instant Radiosity using Virtual Spherical Light [2]
  4. Image Space Photon Splatting (based on splatting technique in the paper "Hardware-accelerated global illumination by image space photon mapping" [3])

and their progressive variants

  1. Progressive VPL [4]
  2. Progressive VSL [5]
  3. Progressive Photon Mapping [6]


  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  2. CUDA version 8
  3. Optix SDK version 4.1.1
  4. OpenGL version >= 4.5
  5. Assimp version 3.3.0
  6. GLEW
  7. GLFW
  8. GLM
  9. nlohmann's json
  10. STB

(We had already included the libraries listed in 5 - 10 in the folder "dependencies".)


Along with the source code we also include 3 scenes (the conference, the living room, and the buddha) that were used in the paper for analysis.

We thus would like to acknowledge Anat Grynberg and Greg Ward (the conference room), Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory (happy buddha), artists "cenobi"(the living room).


Please see LICENSE file for more information.


[1] Alexander Keller. 1997. Instant radiosity. In Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques. ACM Press/Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 49–56.

[2] Miloš Hašan, Jaroslav Křivánek, Bruce Walter, and Kavita Bala. 2009. Virtual spherical lights for many-light rendering of glossy scenes. In ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), Vol. 28. ACM, 143.

[3] Morgan McGuire and David Luebke. 2009. Hardware-accelerated global illumination by image space photon mapping. In Proceedings of the Conference on High Performance Graphics 2009. ACM, 77–89.

[4] Tomáš Davidovič, Iliyan Georgiev, and Philipp Slusallek. 2012. Progressive lightcuts for GPU. In ACM SIGGRAPH 2012 Talks. ACM, 1.

[5] Jan Novák, Derek Nowrouzezahrai, Carsten Dachsbacher, and Wojciech Jarosz. 2012a. Progressive virtual beam lights. In Computer Graphics Forum, Vol. 31. Wiley Online Library, 1407–1413.

[6] Claude Knaus and Matthias Zwicker. 2011. Progressive photon mapping: A probabilistic approach. ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG) 30, 3 (2011), 25.


Implementation of Efficient Energy-Compensated VPLs using Photon Splatting (and various rendering techniques)








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