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Portable crowd-sourced DJ system using flask, mpd, grooveshark, and a raspberry pi.
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A crowd-sourced DJ platform that allows anyone in the room to search for and queue up songs.

Users visit a flask-powered website and can search (using the Grooveshark api in the backend) and add a song of their choosing to the queue. Songs are played in FIFO order using mpd. PiDJ is designed to be run on a raspberry pi that is connected to speakers, although all software used is cross platform and can be run on x86 linux or osx.


  • Flask website
  • gevent for IO and player control
  • mpd for music control and streaming
  • Facebook for user auth and identification
  • Grooveshark api for song search and streaming
  • peewee/sqlite for relational database
  • redis for key-value store and song caching
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