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JamPlus Test Suite

JamPlus contains an extensive test suite covering a majority of its features. The test suite also serves as a large list of examples of techniques for Jam usage.

The following is a high-level list of what each directory's purpose is:

  • alternate_jambase_in_workspace/examples/ - Illustrates overriding the default generated Jambase.jam within an out-of-source build directory created with jam --workspace -jambase=TheNewJambase.jam.
  • autosettings/ - Shows how the third argument to an action is used to further alter the environment the action runs within. For example, within the C module, the third argument is a 'target' containing information about the compiler suite and what applications and settings to use for a build. The autosettings test is a simpler version of that.
  • batch/ - An example of using the actions modifier maxtargets to limit the number of targets batched to an action at a time.
  • bindingname/ - Targets in Jam are just names. When the NotFile flag is not present on a target, the target is intended to represent a file on the disk. By default, the name of the target is the name of the file. By applying the BINDING variable to a target, the name of the file will be that specified by BINDING while the name of the target can be different. This test ensures BINDING works properly.
  • checksum/ - Various tests ensuring JAM_CHECKSUMS=1 works properly.
    • generated-c-and-h/ - Tests generation and modification of .c and .h files.
    • generated-c-and-h-circular/ - Tests generation and modification of .c and .h files where the .h file is in a set of circular #includes.
    • generated-c-and-h-deep/ - Tests generation and modification of a .c and multiple .h files where the generated .h files #include other generated .h files.
    • generated-c-and-h-deep-circular/ - Tests generation and modification of a .c and multiple .h files where the generated .h files #include other generated .h files in a circular fashion.
    • generated-c-and-h-deep-extra/ - Tests generation into a another directory and modification of a .c and multiple .h files where the generated .h files #include other generated .h files.
    • generated-c-and-h-extra/ - Tests generation into another directory and modification of a .c and multiple .h files where the generated .h files #include other generated .h files.
    • simple/ - Tests generation and modification of a single .h file.
    • simple-complete/ - Tests generation and modification of a deeper set of files.
    • simple-transform-with-exe - TODO: Make it work.
  • clean_up/ - Various illustrations of JamPlus' ability to remove extra files and directories that are not part of the build or user-specified as to keep.
  • command_line_targets/ - Targets specified to build by the user via the Jam executable command-line are inserted into the variable JAM_COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS. This test ensures that works properly. TODO: Show how to alter JAM_COMMAND_LINE_TARGETS.
  • compile_outputastree/ - Ensures the C.CompileOptions outputastree setting causes directory hierarchies are used in the intermediate outputs of the build.
  • configurefile/ - JamPlus contains a simple facility to expand a 'config' file through C.ConfigureFile in an approach similar to CMake. This basic test shows how that is done. TODO: Fix test.broken.lua.
  • config_overrides/ - TODO: Broken.
  • copydirectory/ - Illustrates the CopyDirectory rule.
  • dependency/ - A test from the Jamming mailing list to ensure targets are processed in the correct order.
  • expand/ - Tests all of the various variable expansion modifiers.
  • filecache/ - A simple transformation test showing how a file cache can be used to cache the results of the build to be retrieved in subsequent builds.
  • filecache_luamd5callback/ - A more advanced transformation test showing how to generate custom checksums from .png and .zip files. The built-in checksum reads the entire file and may be slow depending on your file's size. This test reads just portions of standard .png and .zip files to generate a reasonable enough checksum for the job.
  • forceinclude/ - Tests both project-wide and single file force includes for C projects.
  • fx/ - TODO: Broken.
  • generatedc/ - Tests generating a C file and then using it to build an executable.
  • generatedheader/ - A suite of tests generating header files for C code.
    • circular/ - Tests generating a header used in a circular fashion.
    • scancontents-multiproject/ - Tests generating a header and using it properly across multiple libraries and an executable.
    • scancontents-single/ - Tests generating a header and using ScanContents to detect whether the generated header file actually changes to initiate a build. Note: The ScanContents facility is nowhere near as powerful as the JAM_CHECKSUMS support, so consider just using JAM_CHECKSUMS instead.
    • simple/ - Tests generating a simple header and using it in an executable build.
  • generate_libs/ - Used to test performance for a lot of libraries and files.
  • glob/ - Tests the Glob and ListSort rules.
  • groupbyvar/ - Tests the GroupByVar rule.
  • helloworld/ - It's a "Hello, world!" test. That is all.
  • includes/ - Tests the C.IncludeDirectories and C.ObjectIncludeDirectories rules by touching and modifying header files in a C build.
  • inherits/ - Tests the C.Inherits rule.
  • language/local_variables/ - Tests a portion of local variable scoping in the Jam language.
  • linefilters/ - Tests the line filtering facility, the ability to alter lines of output text from an action.
  • listsort/ - Tests the ListSort rule.
  • lua/ - Tests JamPlus' Lua support both at the parser level and at the actions level.
  • manifest_generation/ - Tests support for proper Visual C++ manifest generation.
  • math/ - Tests the Math rule.
  • md5/ - Tests the MD5 rule.
  • minusequals/ - Tests the -= operator which is a JamPlus extension.
  • multipass/ - Tests QueueJamFile ability to queue up a second pass of Jam after the initial parsing+actions phases are complete. The second pass writes out a Pass3.jam file, and then the third pass is initiated.
  • multipass_3pass/ - Tests a multipass build of Jam by reloading the same Jamfile across 3 passes.
  • multipass_3pass_generatedheader/ - Tests a 3-pass build by first writing a main.cpp and foo.cpp file that #includes a non-existent foo.h and then attempting to build an application with main.cpp and foo.cpp. Upon realizing foo.h is missing, Jam executes its second pass and writes foo.h. The third pass is used to provide a clean target instruction for the generated targets.
  • multipass_convert/ - Tests a multipass build where the names of the targets are not known until read from a file.
  • multipass_error/ - Tests the ability to detect errors in a multipass build.
  • multipass_nocare/ - Tests NoCare being applied to generated files in a multipass build.
  • multipass_waittargets/ - Tests the ability to continue collecting information for targets in a multipass build and act on the target in a subsequent pass when the needed information is known.
  • multipass_waittargets_more/ - Tests the ability to collect information for targets in a 3-pass build and act on the target at the earliest possible point.
  • multiplatform/ - Compiles the code with different source files and #defines depending on which platform and config is specified.
  • platform/ - Illustrates the creation of a new set of platforms.
    • groovyplatform/ - Tests the creation of the groovyplatform with its own set of configurations.
    • groovypluswin32/ - Tests the creation of the groovyplatform and makes win32 available in the generated workspace.
  • precompiled_header/ - Tests creation and usage of a C++ precompiled header.
  • precompiled_header_no_cpp/ - Tests creation and usage of a C++ precompiled header without having a .cpp file to generate the precompiled header with, a necessity with Visual C++.
  • precompiled_header_no_cpp_pch/ - Tests automatic creation of a C++ precompiled header without having a .cpp file.
  • scancontents/ - Shows simple generation of a .h file with the ScanContents flag applied. A JAM_CHECKSUMS build is far better to use than ScanContents, although ScanContents works in simple cases.
  • semicolon/ - Tests JamPlus' extensions for detection of improper usage of colons and semicolons, since Jam is a whitespace-significant language.
  • sharedlib/ - Tests various scenarios for building a shared library.
  • shell/ - Tests the Shell rule.
  • simplelib/ - Tests various scenarios for building a static library.
  • source_and_jamfiles_separate/ - Tests the ability for a Jamfile to reside in a directory structure separate from the source files. TODO: Show the other technique that does not require relative paths to the source files.
  • split/ - Test the Split rule.
  • substitution/ - Tests various methods of substituting text within Jam.
  • usecommandline/ - Tests the UseCommandLine rule.
  • workspace/ - Shows some additional workspace generation techniques.
    • external_project/ - Illustrates how to add an external non-Jam generated project to a generated workspace.
    • user_configs/ - Illustrates how to add user configurations and altering the toolchain to account for the changes.