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This is a simple scrapper to use a model to get Anime Information
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Scrapper Anime from AnimeList

This is a basic scrapper to get Anime information


For use memcached, you need to install in ubuntu: sudo apt-get install -y libmemcached-dev zlib1g-dev libssl-dev python-dev build-essential

This is a Django project, in order to run it just download or clone the project and install its dependencies using pip:

pip install -r requirements.txt

The use of virtualenv is recommended to prevent package clashes, otherwise you may need superuser prvileges to execute the command above.

Using Redis

You need to install redis to use with celery ::

Using Celery:

For install celery ::

Creating Virtual Env

In the requirements of the project we recommend use virtualwrapper because is easy to use. You can see how to use in ::

For use the scrapper

To run redis (if you install redis-server, local ubication) :: ./redis-server

To run celery (In the main folder of the project) :: celery -A visualizacion worker --loglevel=info

Or to run in demon mode, saving the log: celery multi start 1 -A visualizacion -l info -c8 --logfile=celery/logs/celery.log

To stop in the first case, is enough press ctrl-c and in the second you have to use:: celery multi stop 1 -A visualizacion -l info -c8 --logfile=celery/logs/celery.log

For see the logs in the first case show in console and in the second you can use:: tail celery/logs/celery.log -l

Activate virtual Env (eg. vis): workon vis

Run command for scrapper urls: python update_anime_list

This command has an optional argument --alphabet [a-z] this allow search in a specific letter or in a range a-c.

For run website

Activate virtual Env (eg. vis): workon vis

Load data scrapper (if you don't want to scan): python loaddata data_(date).json

Run django project: python runserver

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