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Foothodl - ETH Denver
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This project aims to provide a financial foothold to people in need, with the assistance of a network of volunteer ambassadors.

The xDai Ethereum sidechain is used for fast transactions, and a modified version of Austin Griffith's burner wallet is used for redeeming donated funds.

Local Server Development

Use virtualenv to set up each service's environment and start the each service in a separate terminal.

Open a terminal and start the first service:

$ cd foothodl-server
$ virtualenv -p python3 env
$ source env/bin/activate
$ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
$ python3

The server should now be running at http://localhost:8000.

Setting up GCloud Service Account

Follow the instructions at and create file gcloud.json in the foothodl-server directory containing credentials JSON.

Setting up Twilio

Copy .env.example to .env and modify the values to Twilio credentials. The python-dotenv library will load these values into the Flask application.


These instructions are specific to Google Cloud.

Make sure you have an App Engine project setup first, and have gcloud configured on your machine for that project.

Run the following command to deploy:

$ gcloud app deploy app.yaml

Enter Y when prompted. Or to skip the check add -q.

The deployed url will be https://foothodl.<your project id>

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