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Welcome to the party-page wiki!
// GTUG 2010 Campout Weekend Project //
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Github Repo

Git Instructions

Roadmap for Beta

  • User information on chat UI
  • Badge on Browser Action and/or Content Tab (might need better name for this) indicating number of messages since last open
  • Get functional messaging between Extension and server and user account (iFrame) – moving away from iframe as I think we can do it fine with the background page
  • User should have access to gmail contacts or other oauth account friends (facebook/twitter) on invite
  • Drag and drop things to the tab to share with the party
  • Collaborative Drawing Tool
  • Mobile UI Integration: We should look better on iPhone, iPad and Android then we do on a PC/Mac

User Stories

  • Cathy needs to research data on a specific type of flu for a school project, she has a classmate who will study with her but the web document she is researching from is large and hard to navigate with a chat window being constantly covered up on browser focus. She would also like the opportunity to send an email invite to her professor to discuss the findings on the page.
  • Bob is looking for an apartment with his fiancé Julie, only Bob travels often for work would like to have a “no brainer” way to communicate with Julie about apartments he thinks would be a good fit. He finds some time at the airport and sends a party-page invite to Julie from the page on craigslist showing the apartment he likes, Julie joins him and is able to instantly express her disappointment in the size of the kitchen. She pastes the url of another home she thinks would be perfect. Bob follows the link and the page they are now looking at contains the same friendly communications UI, but minus all the clutter of the last conversation.
  • Nemo wants to promote a new song he has just finished recording. He goes the web page he has set up where it is playing, opens his party page widget and clicks invite friends. After a couple of friends show up and they chat for a second his friends invite more friends to check out the song. Invite blast might also include posting to social media “walls”.