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Gettin' JAMMY w/ it

This site supports JAMstack Cincinnati's July 2019 meetup on Getting Started with Headless CMS. This meetup represents the third in a multi-step series on getting comfortable working with the JAMstack.

Workshop Presentation


Before we dig in, make sure you have the prerequisites covered:

  1. You've got a copy of the Gatsby project from last month’s meetup working locally.
  2. You've deployed your project to Netlify.


In this workshop, we'll be wiring up the "quotes" page of our Gatsby site to a custom model in Contentful.

The quotes and vote tallies will all be populated from Contentful. When a user clicks up or down to vote for a quote, we will store the new value in Contentful.

Running the Project Locally

Instead of using the Gatsby-CLI, we'll be using Netlify-CLI for this workshop because it injects ENV variables directly into your local builds. Which is good.

Install it like this:

npm install netlify-cli -g

Run the server like this:

$ netlify dev

After doing this, you should be able to navigate to http://localhost:8888 in your browser and see the Netlify build of your project. (Note, this is different than the Gatsby default which runs at http://localhost:8000)


These are the steps we're going to follow in the workshop:

  1. Deploy last month's project to Netlify
  2. Setup Contentful
  3. Populate quotes from Contentful
  4. Save vote tallies in Contentful

You can follow along by reviewing

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