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# PSigner
-**PSigner** is a [sinatra]( app/middleware that
-can be run standalone app or required as a gem. It allows the remote
-signing of Puppet client certificates via an API call, by passing the
+**PSigner** is a [sinatra]( application that allows you to sign and
+delete [Puppet]( certificates via a simple web service. It is
+designed as an example prototype to show you how you can use an automatic signing and deleting
+process with a simple shared secret when (de-)provisioning hosts.
+NOTE: You could also do this directly via the Puppet API but that requires SSL authentication.
+This is less secure but potentially somewhat simpler.
+## Signing a new certificate
+It allows the remote signing of Puppet client certificates via an API call, by passing the
`certname` to be signed and the shared secret as the value of the
`secret` parameter.
- $ curl -d "secret=SHAREDSECRET&certname=bob" http://localhost:4567/api/sign
+ $ curl -d 'secret=SHAREDSECRET' -d 'certname=bob' -X POST http://localhost:4567/api/cert
You can configure the shared secret via the `config.yml` file in the `config` directory.
-## Cleaning out an old cert
+## Cleaning out an old certificate
To revoke and remove a cert from Puppet's CA
$ curl -d 'secret=SHAREDSECRET' -d 'certname=bob' -X DELETE http://localhost:4567/api/cert

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