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  • Entirely web-based, no client required
  • Supports audio and video; the only limit is what your browser supports
  • Pause on one machine and resume on another: Perfect for long-form audio
  • Supports authenticated feeds


This project is a personal itch-scratcher for me, in that I wanted to play around on Google App Engine, and I couldn't find a podcast client that matched all my needs. You can see a running instance of it at, although I highly recommend if you have the technical know-how, you set up your own instance. This is for a couple reasons:

  • The authenticated feeds support is really sketchy, in that you have to send Jamur2nes your password to the feeds for it to make requests on your behalf. Further, it makes no effort to encrypt the passwords even when at rest. This is a hobby project after all. I don't want to know your passwords, so don't tell them to me if you can avoid it (Most podcasts are not authenticated, so for the vast majority of podcasts this isn't an issue).
  • More selfishly, this is a resource-intensive application on Google App Engine due to lots of background processing of periodic fetches. If you can run a personal instance of your own on Google's free tier, it's a win-win for all of us.

Those disclaimers aside, this is now my primary podcast client, and it is my preferred way to consume long-form audio and video podcast content. Enjoy.

Known Issues

  • Some videos may not play correctly. HTML5 video buffering can be pretty finnicky, especially on longer videos.
  • Since playback relies entirely on the <audio> and <video> tags, you are at the whim of your browser for supported codecs. I recommend Chrome, but even Chrome doesn't support AAC playback.


Jamur2nes uses the Python Google App Engine SDK.

Once you have that installed (we'll pretend it's in $GAE_SDK), you can run a local instance with:

> $GAE_SDK/ src


HTML5 podcast client running on Google App Engine



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